Get Instant Solution for Account Live Com Password Reset

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Get Instant Solution for Account Live Com Password Reset

Beitragvon mcafeesactivate » 05 Okt 2019, 06:52

Want to reset Account Live password, but confused whether to visit or Well, the answer to this question depends on whether the two-step authentication is on or off. Another factor that decides which link should be visited for the Account Live password reset is do you have access to the email or phone number associated with your Microsoft account or not?

If the mentioned feature is on, then go to the first link and provide your email or phone number to proceed to the Account Live com password reset process. Microsoft will send you a password reset code. Log in to your email ID and check for Microsoft’s email containing the code or open your phone’s messaging app and find the code received as an SMS.

Use it at the Account Live Password Reset page to give a new password to your Microsoft account. In the other case, i.e., through, you have to provide an alternate email address along with the one registered with your Microsoft account. Here, you will get the code on the alternate email ID. Use this code to set a new password for your account. Access your account with your existing email/phone number and the new password.
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