Biden says Hurricane Ida, wildfires show 'climate crisis' ha

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Biden says Hurricane Ida, wildfires show 'climate crisis' ha

Beitragvon geemong » 03 Sep 2021, 11:14

Biden says Hurricane Ida, wildfires show 'climate crisis' has struck


President Joe Biden on Thursday (Sep 3) pledged robust federal help for the Northeastern and Gulf states battered by
Hurricane Ida and for Western states beset by wildfires — with the catastrophes serving as deadly reminders that
the “climate crisis” has arrived.

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“These extreme storms, and the climate crisis, are here,” Biden said in a White House speech. “We must be better prepared.
We need to act.”

The president said he will further press Congress to pass his nearly US$1 trillion infrastructure bill to improve roads, bridges,
the electric grid and sewer systems.

The proposal intends to ensure that the vital networks connecting cities and states and the country as a whole can withstand
the flooding, whirlwinds and damage caused by increasingly dangerous weather. Biden stressed that the challenge transcends
the politics of a deeply divided nation because of the threats posed by the storms and fires.

“It’s a matter of life and death and we’re all in this together,” the president said.

Scientists say climate change increases the frequency of extreme weather events — such as large tropical storms,
and the droughts and heatwaves that create conditions for vast wildfires. US weather officials recently reported that
July 2021 was the hottest month ever recorded in 142 years of record-keeping.
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