Resolve Canon Printer Not Printing Issue.

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Resolve Canon Printer Not Printing Issue.

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Incorrect installation of ink cartridges often leads to copying issues with Canon Printer. Check for proper installation of Canon Printer cartridges and printheads.Also, see if there is enough ink in the ink cartridges. If it is empty, substitute the fresh one with the ink cartridge. Use real cartridges from Canon. If still your Canon Printer Not Printing, pursue the next step.CANON PRINTER RESET. Reset the printer. As the printer was not correctly reset, Canon Printer often prints blank pages. Resetting a printer clears the message of the mistake and solves Canon Printer Not Printing Problem too:Turn on your printer.Disconnect the power cord by turning on the printer.Unplug the cord from the outlet of the wall.Wait a few minutes. Now, back in the wall outlet, secure the power cord.Connect the power cord to the printer's back.Turn on your printer and verify the proper functioning of the printer.KEEP AN EYE ON FIREWALL.Check if the firewall does not allow the printer to work. Open the wishes of the firewall and add the executable file(*.exe) of the printer software as an exception or deactivate the firewall to verify if the mistake persists.To know more, visit our site.
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