The perfect storm featured World of Warcraft.

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The perfect storm featured World of Warcraft.

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There was a problem in World of Warcraft, not from rampant dragons or demonic armies attacking the land of Azeroth, but from some unhappy players who, after 17 years, was enough.

On YouTube, Reddit and Twitter, there are stories about people leaving the game. Some have cited prolonged delays for new content in the game for a monthly fee. Others were annoyed by the lack of communication.

Players flock to more competitive games than ever before. Led by a wave of famous streamers and caper content creators.slotxo

Then came allegations of sexual harassment and widespread discrimination at Activision Blizzard.

As Scott Johnson, host of the popular MMO podcast The Instance puts it: "You've got the perfect storm for a lot of players to put their Azeroth gear up for good and find a new place to play."

Dip 'severe'

Activision Blizzard hasn't disclosed official player counts for World of Warcraft (WoW) for years, but it did tell investors that. "Monthly active users" every game has quarterly.

These figures show that its game lost two million players in three months.New figures on the number of active players in the gaming portfolio are coming out soon. When the company announced the latest quarterly results
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