Second home owners in Wales 'discriminated against'

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Second home owners in Wales 'discriminated against'

Beitragvon geemong » 22 Jul 2021, 08:55

Second home owners in Wales 'discriminated against'


Second-home เล่นสล็อต owners feel like they are being "discriminated against" in Wales.

Some of those with additional properties and holiday homes said the issue is "complicated" and wanted to be consulted more.

They have also made calls for councils to halt tax increases on second homes.

Earlier this month, the Welsh government set out its own plans to deal with what has been described as a housing "crisis" fuelled by second-
home ownership

Ministers said they wanted to put "fairness at the heart of their plans."

They said they would build a further 20,000 low-carbon affordable homes for social rent this Senedd term.

But the Covid pandemic has heightened tensions over the issue, with house prices in many parts of Wales increasing as more people work
from home.

Earlier this month, hundreds of people attended a demonstration in Gwynedd to voice their concerns, amid fears people have been priced
out of their local communities and could not afford to by a home locally.

One in every 10 houses in the county is now a second home. the highest rate in Wales, and accounting for 20% of all second homes in Wales.

But some second home owners said they felt like they were shouldering the blame for what they have labelled Welsh government failures
on affordable homes.
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