Parents of Yale-NUS students reiterate call for virtual town

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Parents of Yale-NUS students reiterate call for virtual town

Beitragvon geemong » 09 Sep 2021, 09:01

Parents of Yale-NUS students reiterate call for virtual townhall with NUS president


Parents of Yale-NUS College students and alumni have reiterated a call for a virtual townhall meeting with National
University of Singapore (NUS) president Tan Eng Chye to address concerns about the Yale-NUS College and University Scholars
Programme (USP) merger decision.

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This follows an earlier request for a townhall meeting in an email to Prof Tan on Monday (Sep 6).

In response to the initial email, Prof Tan replied on Tuesday to say that the university was "planning a series of individual,
face-to-face meetings for parents of Yale-NUS and University Scholars Programme students from the later part of
September to address these concerns and questions".

The parents then sent another email on Wednesday to repeat their request for a virtual townhall, in the school's
"usual dialogue format". In this email, they asked for the townhall to be held on Friday.

Both emails were signed by more than 260 parents.

CNA has seen the parents' emails to Prof Tan, as well as the latter's reply to the initial email.
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