Philippines tests lockdown in capital areas

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Philippines tests lockdown in capital areas

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The Philippine capital will be out of broad coronavirus restrictions from Thursday. Because the government launched a pilot test of lockdown in the area. Amid efforts to balance reopening the economy and curbing the spread of coronavirus
Localized lockdowns come with 5 notification levels that define the scope of businesses that are allowed to operate. including activities targeted to persons who have been fully vaccinated officials said if successful The same formula can be used throughout the Philippines. which is battling the worst coronavirus outbreak in Asia.

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Changes in government's COVID-19 strategy may soon pave the way for face-to-face classes in restricted schools. and the reopening of indoor entertainment venues in areas with low virus transmission and adequate hospital capacity.from Thursday onwards The warning level will change in Metro Manila. They allow 30% outdoor dining and indoor dining for small groups. who received full immunity, Maria Rosario Vergeri, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health said in the briefing Religious gatherings and personal care services are allowed at 30% of the building's capacity.

The capital region, which has 16 cities with a population of 13 million, is the country's epicenter for the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19), which accounts for a third of cases and a quarter of deaths. life Government data show that three in five people in the area have been vaccinated against COVID-19. fully The change was followed by some health experts asking for tighter controls to allow extended hospitals to have room to breathe.So far, the number of cases continues to increase. It's like the Olympics. We are looking forward to when we will hit a new record high,” Geneve Rivera-Reyes, physician of the public, told Reuters.
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