any legion accept english speaking ppl? S1

Wenn Ihr auf der Suche nach einem passenden Bündnis seid, könnt Ihr Euch hier empfehlen. Wenn Ihr bereits ein Bündnis habt, könnt Ihr Euch hier mit anderen Mitgliedern austauschen.

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any legion accept english speaking ppl? S1

Beitragvon SagaGM » 30 Mär 2011, 07:01

hi guys

any legion accept english speaking ppl? im from S1

thx :)
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Re: any legion accept english speaking ppl? S1

Beitragvon Sengir » 30 Mär 2011, 19:48

If Legion is the term for "Bündnis" in the english version of this game, then yes I would but I'm new to Athanaton and have yet to start to actively recruiting player. I do however have quite a lot experience in seemingly similar MMORTS browser games and leading guilds/alliances. I will however try to only recruit able player with a high interest in PvP ( even though I haven't been able to test the PvP aspects of this game much yet).
If your interested in joining despite what I said above you're welcome. For me my "Bündnis" is listed on the first page but I highly doubt it'll be the same for you so you'd have to search for it yourself, I named it Praetori due to the size limitations since I always name my alliances Praetorians.
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